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Warning! Don’t mess with these cowboys, because „God loves cowboys, believe it or not. If you mess with BossHoss you mess with God!“ Anyone who knows the crossover-outlaws from Berlin will know that there’s a little irony behind that statement, but also a whole lot of healthy self-confidence: after 1.5 million records sold in Germany alone, countless awards, gold and platinum records, and sold-out arena tours.
The BossHoss have long since established themselves as one of the most innovative and compelling live acts in the European live music-landscape. Additionally the band has enjoyed huge success thanks to their charismatic appearances as coaches on the blockbusting television talent show ‘The Voice Of Germany‘ (TVOG) –reaching over 5 million viewer twice weekly!

Internationally, in their sweat drenched whirlwind performances The BossHoss seem as much at home on the huge stages of festivals such as Download, Soundwave, Rock Am Ring, Rock Im Park, Wacken, Azkena Rock or Novarock, as they do in the intimate context of indie clubs like King Tut’s, Glasgow, Dingwalls, London, the legendary Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, or the Continental Club, Austin Texas…

4 / 10


  • Dos Bros Live (2016)
    Dos Bros Live (2016)

    01. A Cowboys Work is Never Done
    02. Wait for me
    03. Do it
    04. I Like it Like That
    05. She’s a little B
    06. My Personal Song
    07. What If
    08. Jolene
    09. Today Tomorrow Too Long Too Late
    10. Dos Bros
    11. Don’t Gimme That
    12. Lady JD
    13. Shake and Shout (feat. Samy Deluxe)

  • Dos Bros (2015)
    Dos Bros (2015)

    CD 1: Eigenkompositionen
    01. Wait for me
    02. Dos Bros
    03. Joyridin’
    04. Today, Tomorrow, Too Long, Too Late
    05. I like it like that
    06. Star of the Roadcrew
    07. She’s a little B
    08. Tennessee Woman
    09. I’m Coming Home
    10. Lady JD
    11. A Cowboys Work is Never Done

    CD 2: Covers
    01. No Diggity (feat. Xavier Naidoo)
    02. Jolene (feat. The Common Linnets)
    03. Geronimo (feat. Aura Dione)
    04. The Beautiful People
    05. Walking Away (feat. Rea Garvey)
    06. What I Did For Love (feat. Nena)
    07. Candy Shop
    08. Thrift Shop (Explicit)
    09. Easy
    10. Boom Boom

    CD 3: Sing meinen Song Vol. 3
    01. Leuchtturm
    02. Superheld
    03. Wake Up
    04. Das Spiel
    05. Alles em Lot
    06. Close
    07. Schau nicht mehr zurück

  • Flames of Fame - Live over Berlin (2013)
    Flames of Fame - Live over Berlin (2013)

    DVD zum #1 Album Flames of Fame mit Livemitschnitten vom Tourkonzert in der Max-Schmeling-Halle Berlin.

  • Flames of Fame (2013)
    Flames of Fame (2013)

    01. Bullpower
    02. Do it
    03. Whatever
    04. Eager Beaver
    05. My Personal Song
    06. What If
    07. Easy to Love You
    08. A Little More More More
    09. Backdoor Man
    10. Yes Or No
    11. God Loves Cowboys

  • Liberty of Action (2012)
    Liberty of Action (2012)

    01. Liberty of Action
    02. Don’t Gimme That (feat. The Tijuana Wonderbrass)
    03. Live It Up
    04. The Answer
    05. I Keep On Dancing
    06. My Way
    07. Still Crazy 'Bout Elvis (feat. Patricia Vonne)
    08. Hayday
    09. My Country
    10. Sex On Legs
    11. Riding High, Singing Low
    12. Money (That’s What I Want) (feat. Jesse „The Devil“ Hughes)
    13. Run Run Devil (feat. Rea Garvey)
    14. Killers
    15. Deals With The Devil
    16. Nothing But The Best
    17. Do You Wanna Touch Me (feat. The Eagles of Death Metal)
    18. Run Run Run (feat. Kitty, Daisy & Lewis)
    19. Mad Man Blues (feat. Trigger Finger)

  • Low Voltage (2010)
    Low Voltage (2010)

    01. Stallion Battalion
    02. Have Love Will Travel
    03. Rodeo Queen
    04. Shake and Shout
    05. Go! Go! Go!
    06. Rodeo Radio
    07. Close
    08. I Say A Little Prayer
    09. Break Free
    10. Mary Marry Me
    11. Gay Bar
    12. Remedy
    13. Sugarman
    14. No One Knows
    15. Last Day

  • Do or Die (2009)
    Do or Die (2009)

    01. Last Day (Do Or Die)
    02. Eagleize It
    03. Boon And Bain
    04. Jelly Bean
    05. Break Free
    06. 21st Century Buttkickin’ Love Affair
    07. Go! Go! Go!
    08. Rock On Rock
    09. Wolf Call
    10. Close
    11. Quick Joey Small
    12. Shake Your Hips
    13. Guitars And Cars
    14. Crazy About Mary

  • Stallion Battalion (2007)
    Stallion Battalion (2007)

    01. Stallion Battalion
    02. Monkey Business
    03. Shake and Shout
    04. José and Myling
    05. Free Love On A Free Love Freeway
    06. Polk Salad Annie
    07. Omniscient Lover
    08. Everything Count
    09. Goodbye Mary
    10. Gay Bar
    11. Truck’n’Roll Rules
    12. High
    13. Drop It Like It’s Hot
    14. Jumpin’ Around
    15. On The Sunny Side of The Street
    16. Word Up
    17. Sugarman
    18. Shake and Shout
    19. Flaming Star

  • Rodeo Radio (2006)
    Rodeo Radio (2006)

    01. Intro
    02. Rodeo Radio (Explicit)
    03. Ring Ring Ring
    04. My Favourite Game
    05. I Say A Little Prayer (Single Version)
    06. I’m On A High
    07. Hell Yeah
    08. Hot Stuff
    09. Rodeo Queen
    10. It’s Not Unusual
    11. Shake A Leg
    12. Mary Marry Me
    13. Jesus’s Built My Hotrod
    14. Upside Down
    15. Ça Plane Pour Moi
    16. You’ll Never Walk Alone (Yodle Blues)

  • Internashville Urban Hymns (2004)
    Internashville Urban Hymns (2004)

    01. Yee Haw!
    02. Hey Ya!
    03. Toxic
    04. Loser
    05. Sabotage
    06. Hot in Herre
    07. Seven Nation Army
    08. Drowned in Lake Daniels
    09. A Little Les Conversation
    10. Hey Joe
    11. Eyes Without A Face
    12. Unbelievable
    13. All the Things She Said
    14. Remedy
    15. Word Up
    16. Like Ice in the Sunshine









The seven piece band have in the previous seven years performed innumerous live shows and have certainly left their mark…With a surprising crossover of country, punkrock, blues, 60ies garage and rockabilly, they have perfected their own unique brand of rock n roll. The music itself might remind you of an after-hours encounter between Johnny Cash and Elvis. Even Rammstein couldn’t resist asking The BossHoss to record a remix for the B-side of their latest single ‘Mein Land‘, which translates tongue-in-cheek in our urban cowboy drawl as ‘My Country‘.
After a brief creative break in 2010 the band concluded a small but critically highly acclaimed tour of Texas and have drawn new inspiration from the home of their legendary musical influences. No surprise that The BossHoss came back with the exciting, butt-kicking and most instinctive album of their modern outlaw- career!


Believe us, every show is a hedonistic celebration to the demon spirit of rock’n’roll and no audience is left hungry!